10 Health Benefits of Singing

Singing brings happiness to many people, but a majority of people don’t know that singing can lead to incredible benefits in your emotional, physical and social health. Here are ten reasons why singing is beneficial to you.


  1. Strengthen the Immune System

According to the University of Frankfurt research, singing boosts the immune system. The study involved testing choir members’ blood before and after a long time of rehearsal singing. It was noticed that the amount of proteins that function as antibodies in the immune system were significantly higher instantly after the rehearsal. The same increase was never seen after the choir members listened to music.


  1. Improve the Posture


As you are singing, standing upright is a proper technique. After a period of time practicing this, good posture will become your habit. This posture expands your chest cavity as well as your shoulders and back leading to your good posture.


  1. Singing is a workout


For the disabled, injured and older adults, singing is an excellent form of exercise. Even for healthy people, your lungs get a workout as you employ proper vocal projections and singing techniques. It also leads to stimulated overall circulation and stronger diaphragm since you are inhaling a more significant amount of oxygen while singing compared to when you are doing other forms of exercises.


  1. Help Your Sleep


Health experts believe that singing helps in strengthening palate and throat muscles which help to stop snoring and sleep apnea. This ailment leads to difficulties in getting a good night sleep.


  1. Singing lowers stress levels


Singing in any form is relaxing. It releases stored muscles and reduces the level of cortisol in your bloodstream which is a stress hormone. Some people resort to drinking water for migraines but because singing can reduce stress, you will likely have less migraines. 


  1. Get a Natural Depression Fighter


Singing releases endorphins which is a feel-good brain chemical that makes you feel happy and uplifted.


  1. Singing improves mental alertness


Improved oxygenated bloodstream and blood circulation enables more oxygen to reach the brain improving concentration, mental alertness and memory.


  1. Help Patients with Parkinson’s Disease


Studies show that singing can increase the health condition of patients suffering from Parkinson’s diseases. For them, singing improves vocal and swallowing control


  1. Singing Can Help Stop Snoring


Singing strengthens your throat and palate muscles which prevent problems such as snoring.


  1. Singing Works like an Antidepressant


Many people report that singing makes them feel pleasure helping those squash bad feelings and make life more enjoyable and lighthearted.


Conclusively, the singing delights go beyond enjoying your vocal talent. All these health benefits can make you have a desire of starting voice lessons or joining a choir right away.